The Impact Of Rapid Population Growth And Development

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Today the worlds population is growing at 1.15% per year which is 80500000 people annually. Some of the most populated countries of today are India,China,Russia,Brazil and South Africa these countries are also known as the BRIC nations. Population growth does increase demand nevertheless it also volleys workforces with a lot of extra workers, this unfortunately pauperizes wages and increases poverty. It is impossible to see a correlation between population growth and development in 2 or 3 years, In order to see an correlation we have to look about 20 years back so that we can distinguish the impact of all those births entering workforces.

Rapid population growth still remains in numerous amount of developing countries. For example West Africa is multiplying its population by 2.6% every year. The UN has expected it to quadruple in size by the end of the century. If we calculate that there will 1.320 billion individuals by this century. The current population of 320 million people is already a massive obstacle for development. In addition, there are many problems that are associated with rapid population growth some are known as insufficient food supplies, Economic insecurity, poverty and low standard of living. Rapid population growth affects poverty as it brings in a lot of workers, this depresses wages and increases poverty. Rapid population also affects the standard of living for example if a country has a real GDP of 1.8 trillion dollars and another country has a GDP of

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