Rapid Population Growth Essay

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Today the worlds population is growing at 1.15% per year which is 80500000 people annually. Some of the most populated countries of today are India,China,Russia,Brazil and South Africa these countries are also known as the BRIC nations. Population growth does increase demand nevertheless it also volleys workforces with a lot of extra workers, this unfortunately pauperizes wages and increases poverty. It is impossible to see a correlation between population growth and development in 2 or 3 years, In order to see an correlation we have to look about 20 years back so that we can distinguish the impact of all those births entering workforces.

Rapid population growth still remains in numerous amount of developing countries. For example West Africa
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China established a family planning policy in 1979 which is also known as the one-child policy it was implemented to control the population of the fast growing city. This meant that each family was only permitted to have one child. There were many benefits that came along with the policy increased access to education, better childcare and better healthcare are offered to families that follow this rule. Despite that families that didn 't follow the rule didn 't receive the benefits and were heavily fined. Many people say women that already had their first child and were pregnant were obligated to have an abortion and many were even forcibly sterilized. The policy was successful and the birth rate since 1979 has dropped from three births per women to 1.8 births. The policy also helped China’s current economic growth. Now china is a little less strict on the policy and couples can now apply for a second child. There have been some negative impacts because of the policy, due to religious and traditional preference many families only keep their child if its a boy and a large number of female children are either homeless in orphanages, or in a few cases killed. India has one of the highest population growths in the world. In the last decade the population has increased by 181 million. If this growth rate continues it could be the most populated country by 2020. despite that India
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