The Impact Of Religion On Culture

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RQ2. Religious heritage and the literacy rate among young adults both have a powerful effect on culture and economics. Religion has an effect on culture and economics for several reasons. Religion will largely determine the choices and behavior of an individual. Since about 85% of the global population identifies with a religion, it is important that businesses understand and are aware of religion in order to predict the choices and behavior that can be driven by religion. For example, during the holiday season business sales rise due to the increase in products, such as toys. It is because of religious holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah that this increase occurs. Although non-religious individuals partake in gift giving during the holidays, another example of the effects of religion is gift giving from businesses. For example, if a business brings a leather-bound journal as a gift for Hindu businessmen, it would be offensive since they consider a cow to be sacred. On the other hand, literacy also has an effect on economics and culture. Literacy is the gateway to individuals developing an opinion and perspective on a situation. By having a better understanding of situations, individuals can develop better opinions and actions. It is the actions of a society that will affect an economy, culture, and businesses. For example, in Iran, woman are prohibiting from speaking on certain social issues and can even be imprisoned. Although literacy refers to reading and
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