The Impact Of Robots On The Military

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Imagine the warfare is between fearless high-tech robots, robots than can fight, fire on target without any human interaction instead of heartbroken soldiers who fears to die at any moment. This imagination has led into a revolution in the strategy of the new wars. With the development of technology this imagination has become real. Scientists and researchers have come up with the invention of robots. Robots that can sense and act under the control of humans. These robots service humans and make their life much easier, especially in hazardous areas. One of the concern areas of today is the military. The military has always been a dangerous place for humans to work. Soldiers’ lives are continuously being sacrificed each day. They are being put into dangerous situations such as deactivating explosive bombs, walking through minefields or clearing hostile buildings. For example, in 2006 in the Iraq war there were more than 2500 IED (Improvised explosive device) attacks every month and they were the major cause for the large numbers of casualties among the American army and Iraqi civilians (P.W. Singer). Military robots are mainly invented to save those soldiers from these circumstances and reduces the losses in wars. Nowadays, robots are actually being used to take the risky jobs which are difficult to be handled by soldiers and used as an assistant of soldiers in their operations. In the following article, I will investigate the different impacts robots have on the military

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