The Impact Of Satellite Television And Its Impact On Family Life

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Satellite television is a great means of recreation. Television helps us in education; entertain us through sports, movies, songs, cartoons and many more. Most importantly it cannot be ignored that television helps in experiencing the diversity of various culture from all across the world. But what will happen? when these cultures becomes a threat in our daily life? There are many satellite channels and programs which have great impact on our daily lives, of them two of them are- impact of Indian serials on increasing rate of extra-marital relationship and its effects on family life. Bangladesh which is Muslim conservative country, women here are expected to have only relation with their husband and are also strictly prohibited to have any kind of extra-marital relationships before marriage. Besides, after marriage women are expected to treat their mother in law just like their own mother and be a good wife, and be a good mother in her own life. Anwarullah Chowdhury, the Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh Islami University mentioned in his article, “The bride goes to reside in her husband 's house where she is placed under severe restrictions with little or no say in decision making” (38). Such difficulties and problems which they face in the real life are portrayed in the Indian serials. Thus, Bangladeshi women gets attracted to watch Indian serials where they see women playing different roles and is facing the similar difficulties, challenges they face in their everyday life.

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