The Impact Of School Days

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The Impact of School Day Length
Students often complain about school and that it lasts forever. The truth is that they may be right or wrong because there’s reasons on why it is just long enough and why its too long. Even some teachers think that school days should be. But does the length of school days affect students?
Students nowadays don’t get enough sleep with school during the day and extracirruclar activities after school. Even some teachers don’t get enough sleep because of stuff they have to grade or prepare for the next day in the classroom. The healthy amount of sleep someone is suppose to get is ten to eight hours a night, the average student gets less than that. It is stated that “ Adolescents lost as much as 120 minutes of sleep per night during the week after the start of school, and weekend sleep significantly longer than that seen before the start of school” ( Hansen,”The Impact of School…”). Lack of sleep has also led to lower grades as well as decreased work in the classroom. In which teachers believe is a act of laziness and in return give extra work or give punishments to make students work more. Sleep deprivation has also been an issue in the teenage community because of school. “The results of this study demonstrated that current high school start times contribute to sleep deprivation among adolescents” (Hansen, “The Impact of School…”). So length of school days do have an effect on a students sleep schedules.
Some teachers have also complained about

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