The Impact Of Slavery On The 21st Century

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In Ronald. Walters book The Impact of Slavery on the 20th and 21st Century he introduced a substantial amount of evidence from several different articles to prove the impact of slavery on the African American community. Which was the myth that slavery ended in 1865. Slavery, had such a significant impact mostly on the African American community, mainly because African Americans have still not progressed over the 20th and 21st century. People tent to question the humanity, intelligence, and the industriousness of African Americans. He explains how slavery existed way into the 20th century, through peonage. Giving, the reader enough evidence to prove his thesis that slavery existed and did not disappear after Appomattox.
The socioeconomic conditions
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In this book he was quick to shatter the myth that slavery ended in 1865. He told the untold that slavery still existed through sharecropping, convict lease systems, peonage and other labor systems that have been put in place to cover up an historical truth. That slavery existed past its time and laws have been put in place to cover them up. Most people wouldn’t comment on the matter even after reading Walters work. Until, recently Gregory Freeman one of a few scholars who spoke on the issues of peonage in the introduction to Lay This Burden Down. He unfolds America in the form of peonage. Explaining, in his article whereby blacks were fined for vagrancy or other supposed crimes and then forced to work off the debt on local farms for what often became a lifetime of brutal…show more content…
Truth is this article is an eye opener that slavery is still alive today and its conditions live through the jails and other laws that were set in place to whole blacks back in the 20th century such ass voting rights and working rights for African American women as well as white women. Jim crow laws are one of the examples he gave in the article that still enslave us. Slave conditions as if they were still present in the twentieth century. Proven facts that the civil rights movement wasn’t one hundred percent successful. While 71% of whites believe that blacks are responsible for their own misfortune, and 53% of blacks believe it also. Whites benefitted from slavery all the hard work of the slaves and still benefiting now from hard work from slaves. Its proven facts. Blacks had more of a disadvantage and with less resources are slowly evolving but yet educating themselves and their families over the years. Many people have their own opinions about slavery’s and its effect on both parties. The strengths of this article are the different out looks I gives from different people and their thoughts on slavery and certain cultural values. In Walters article he gives mostly factual evidence knowing and noting all secondary sources. Everything, he wrote about coexisted with his thesis that slavery is still alive and exist through

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