The Impact Of Social Darwinism On African American Imperialism

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From 1850 to 1914, industrialized European nations used imperialism to seize colonies, dominate the local governments and economies in Africa and Asia. Their motives were both economical and ideological. In Asia, India was dubbed as the “ Jewel of the Crown”, due to the of the amount of wealth Britain obtained from this region. British East India Company established trading rights during the Mughal empire between Britain and India in the 1600s. The company controlled India without much interference from Britain. It even created its own army by enlisting sepoys, who were Indian officers that supported British control. However, due to the negative impacts of the Sepoy Mutiny, the British removed the British East India Company and began its era of direct rule.…show more content…
Although this realistically makes no sense at all because if white people were so superior then they wouldn’t need the help of Africans. However, the 18th and 19th century Europeans were as ignorant as they were in the Middle Ages, as they hadn't developed that state of mind yet, despite the fact that they were supposed to be “ enlightened.” This eventually led to another concept known as “ White Man’s Burden.” which was just as idiotic as Social Darwinism. “White Man’s Burden.” referred to euro-centric feeling that the white man had a duty to “educate” and westernize the Africans. The Europeans used these motives as an excuse to invade these countries for their personal
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