The Impact Of Social Language And Language Change On The English Language

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SOCIAL MEDIA AND LANGUAGE CHANGE: THE CASE OF STYLISTIC VARIATION IN YOUNG PEOPLE’S TEXT MESSAGES AND ITS EFFECT ON THEIR FORMAL WRITTEN LANGUAGE STYLE. Mobile phone ownership is universal now and people use mobile phones constantly to either make a call or send a text message. However, the constant use of mobile phones by the young generation has had a tremendous influence on their conventional language style. The young generation is popularly assumed to be naturally media literate and to be reinventing conventional linguistic and communicative practices. This reinvention has adversely affected their formal written language style in that; changes have been noted in the linguistic and communicative practice of young people. This paper examines how stylistic variability has affected the formal written language style of the youth, with a view to proposing how this influence can be mitigated. Further more, due to the poor performance of students in the English composition paper, after the government has hugely funded education, finding the cause and stopping it thereof; is of national importance. The paper concludes that the use of text messages should be carefully monitored. Teachers of English need to take bold steps in addressing the challenges facing the written English language in schools. 1. Introduction According to the cultural critic Eddo (2002)”We live in an age where the diminutive, the brief and the simple are highly valued in communication”. If this is the case,

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