The Impact Of Social Media And Communication

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Nowadays new technologies, media, social media and communications have been rapidly developed. They have significantly impacted to all people in the world in many different ways in the recent decades. The communicating is globally faster and easier now than ever before because people can have a communicating even they are million miles far away by the powerful internet. The household is having own individual one or more technologies, such as, smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. People tend to be talking, texting, and communicating through social media rather than face-to-face social interaction. Especially, young people tend to be at the forefront of media technologies interaction (Zemmels, 2012)1. New technologies are now much more immersed into people’s daily routines then ever before. (Lalor et al. 2009)2. It often seems that as soon as one new technology is born, the next big thing is already being planned. We need to better understand how to use technologies and social media. To improve everyday lives and empower people to their own lives. The communicational has changed results from the transformation of media consumption, that is, entertainment, communication and provision of news and information, but also knowledge creation in general, including the scientific dimension (Kaul, V 2012)3. According to Chen (2012)4, innovations in digital media continue to change the way we act, think, and live. People have been communicating in person less than before because
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