The Impact Of Social Media Communication On Facebook

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The technology keeps developing in these few decades and computer is one of the most common electronic devices in everyone’s house nowadays. Due to the popularity of using a computer, social media like Friendster, blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter appears to help people to communicate easier with others. Social media is the social interaction among people, which people create, share or exchange information, opinion and feeling in a virtual communities and networks. Also, these social media also have been used as a tool to meet new friends, learn new things.
Although these social media applications are created for convenient people, there are also some people who use it as a tool of crime. This phenomena makes people do not dare to reveal their real appearance, personality or name in the social media. Slowly, people become lonely although they have a lot of friends in their friend list. It is because they are not sure whether the friends are revealing their own self or a fake character that created by them.
In this thesis, the impact of social media communication like cyber bullying, cyber victimization and sexting will be examined.
Social media communication on loneliness
Social media communication has brought lots of conveniences to people nowadays, for instance, people can chat with their friends without any time and demographic limitation. While the technology keeps improving, a significant problem emerges with online social networks is people are
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