The Impact Of Social Media On Marketing

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Social media present a big challenge to organizations, now companies are able to control their communications and marketing via traditional media channels (Strategic Direction, 2010); (Gillin, 2009) the wide range of different online applications enable the “sharing of information, experiences, and perspectives throughout community-oriented websites” (Weinberg, 2009). Any investigation into social media’s impact must take into account the existing influences that are shaping marketing strategy as well. Covering areas such as branding, consumer behavior, relationship marketing, each of these areas are shown to be facing challenges. These then are the reasons why we believe that this topic is important and bears investigation. Social Media has today become one of the fastest and strongest networking and communication tools.…show more content…
Thus, the purpose of this study is to examine the effect of social media marketing on luxury brands. Things have changed thanks to social media platforms from Facebook to Instagram reaching to WhatsApp who never uses WhatsApp and even on the news they talk about social media. Use of social media has exceeded other activities on the internet; people use social media far more than they look for news (55% daily) or download or stream videos (40% daily). Moreover, direct messaging is the more likely tool used to connect with others compared to email, among other activities
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