The Impact Of Sports: The Effects Of Student Sports

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Sports is not only for the wellness of one’s body but so as and most importantly, it helps the strength of our hearts and souls. For some people, they see sports as a necessity and an essential concept that they cannot live without. A great example of this are the student athletes who gives importance to sports as a critical and vital need of a person. By producing this research, this study would give us the effects of sports in terms of academic matters. As the fame of sports increased, it even affects the sports program in schools. Physical activities like sports help an individual to gain sportsmanship, coordination, team work and concentration. Student athletes tend to multi-task due to a shortage in time. Student athletes can influence other individuals in their own environment in chasing their dreams in the field that they are into. The 2004 study issued by the NASBE stated that 98% of high schools sponsored sports program within those high school’s 70% of males and 53% of females participated in at least one sport (National Association of State Boards of Education, 2004). A good example of this case is of an instructor who had the student athletes stand up in his class and said to the rest of the class “These are the people who will probably this class” (Simons, Bosworth, Fujita & Jensen, 2007). This is a great analysis on how great the impact of sports in a student’s life. School presidents and coaches battled over the academic performances and academic requirements

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