How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

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Health care workers are known globally to work under stressful conditions (Asger, 2011). They have very difficult working environments and mistakes are not accepted on the same level as the mistakes of people belonging to other professions. Most health care professionals have to work long hours and this in turn exposes them to face health issues themselves. They can burnout after working in the industry after several years(Ivancevich & Ganster, 2014).

This project will study the literary sources that describe the condition of healthcare professionals, especially in the UAE. The sector has significantly grown and this has given rise to even greater stress in government hospitals and healthcare facilities. We aim to understand these factors and discuss solution which mitigates the impact of stress in the workplace.

1.1 Context of the Problem
Stress can be defined as the feeling of mental pressure. Stress can be both due to internal and external factors. Stress is usually created due to emotional conditions. This emotional stress is defined due to feelings of anger, depression and anxiety. Physical problems also occur due to stress such as stress
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Educate employees and workers about job strain, and arrange regular meetings of staff to discuss stress, pain, and their feelings, so this can encourage and motivate them with improvement of their skills. Arrange strain management programs, provide a good and efficient work environment for the workers, provide appropriate shift arrangements for the staff so each worker can take enough time to sleep, give good therapies for workers to give them relief from pain, stress, and work load. Make their working schedule flexible, appropriate and reasonable. By adopting these techniques and methods, they can reduce stress in the healthcare workers of UAE(OSHA,

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