The Impact Of Technology And Its Impact On Life In Nigeria

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The impact of Technology is so much that it touches every part of the world and even beyond – considering the fact that visits to planets outside the Earth was made possible largely by technology. In this essay, we will speak about this important concept and its impact on certain aspects of Nigeria.
Below is a classification of some aspects of Technology as it touches life in Nigeria.
From the simple act of converting natural materials into tools, man has managed to enhance the way and means of doing things. By improving on skills, honing the art and craft of making things as well as the adaptation of scientific methods over time, technology has become more refined and more widespread.
With technology, human beings have gained tremendously. Processes of doing things became simpler just as materials being used by human beings became more refined in every respect. As is the case for most things in life, technology has its drawbacks, but on the whole, its benefits far outweigh any perceived or felt shortcomings. Part of these benefits can be seen in various aspects of human endeavor – transport, health, education, governance, communication, and even more touchingly, war!
Technology and Mobility
Mobility, like communication, is central to human existence. Primordially, human beings depend on her two legs to move about. Later on, some animals were trained to assist human beings in transportation. Later on still, canoe was invented to ease transportation particularly by those

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