Essay On Technological Advancement

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There have been many advancements in technology over the past years. Devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, and medical equipment have changed the way many people’s lives function. Technological advancements have helped society and improved many lives. One way technology has enhanced the way of living for many people is it promotes education and allows more educational opportunities. Another way society is positively impacted by technology is technology enhances communication and allows people to stay connected. One more benefit of technology is it enhances lives by improving health care through advancements in the medical world. Technology has allowed the world to improve and has impacted one’s life to be enhanced in a positive way. Technology has allowed education to be improved upon and allows students to have multiple sources to enhance their learning experience. Having some type of technology in a classroom can improve the environment of the class and allow students to engage in the class…show more content…
New ways to detect and cure diseases have been introduced with technology. Treatment is more accessible now and is also more efficient. Technology has allowed the development of more advanced artificial limbs and other prosthetic devices, which helps and improves many people’s lives. Another example of a technological advance in the medical world is having electronic medical records. This prevents medical information from getting lost and allows the information to be easily accessible. It may seem like a minor advance, but it truly does help and is an improvement that’ll enhance the medical world. Fitness apps and watches are an example of how technology impacts the medical world. Fitness apps and watches encourage a healthy lifestyle and allow fitness to be accessible to all. Technology has allowed the medical world to advance and enhanced the health of
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