The Impact Of Technology On The Fashion Industry

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There is always something happening in the technological world it can be hard to keep up. A year ago people were excited by the prospect of wearable technology and tech companies did not disappoint. It might seem like there is a new smart watch being launched every day and going by what most people think, you would think that is all tech companies can do to incorporate fashion. Yes the watches are great but a lot of what has been going on has not been getting as much news coverage as it should, like how with technology some people have managed to produce great sneakers and how old plastic bottles are being repurposed and turned into practical things like shoes. One would argue that using recycled material to create fabric has been used long ago by the like of Stella McCartney for instance. The fashion industry is being transformed from the cutting room to the run way and tech companies who are still struggling to grasp the impact of wearables might find themselves left behind. So how has technology managed to merge with the fashion industry? Just saying that gives one pause: would Steve Jobs have cared about fashion considering that he was not the most fashionable person on eart with his turtle neck and jeans uniform. Dopes Mark Zuckeberg wonder about technology merging with fashion when his closet is full of grey t-shirts and hoodies?…show more content…
It’s not exactly something that designers and clothing makers are encouraging right now because it turn people into one stop designers, pattermankers, seamstresses negating actual human labor. The industry already has a lot of issues but exploring other avenues opens new doors. Most people are afraid that it might turn into a case of see it and print it. Howevr deignres are moving away from exclusivity of unavailable their latest on runways and having customers wait to get the clothes straight off the runway

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