Cause And Effect Of Texting Essay

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In the 21st century, texting has become a common element in the art of communication; its popularity can be based on the increase in communication devices such as cell phones, personal computers, and tablets among others. Social media and social sites are a major contributor to the rapid increase of texting especially among generation Y. According to John McWhorter, a linguistic and writer by profession, texting cannot be entirely classified as a segment of writing, but has developed into quite a unique form of communication; speaking through writing. Although, educators and linguistics have picked out various damaging effects of texting in the development of language and writing skills, especially among students, texting however, could be viewed as the bridge between traditional language and writing and the future of language and writing. Thus, texting is an important element in the development of language, it is not a branch in writing, but an entity on its own that combines speech and text, aiming at developing language, as we know it. How would texting be defined? A text could be termed as the actual or original words written by an individual, it could be an author or a speaker, but the originality is the most important aspect. However, defining texting in the concept of instant messages, social sites, and other common means through which texting…show more content…
The impact has been drastic on communication, and statistics indicate that out of every 10 people only one prefers to meet physically, while the other nine prefer to communicate through texts. However, the fear among various groups that texting could negatively affect human communication should be dismissed; it is an evolution leading to a new era of communication. It could be in the next two decades or longer, but texting is creating a platform for communication to develop
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