The Impact Of The Mass Media On Women

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Author Taylor M. Chapman vocalizes that “Being a woman in America’s media-obsessed culture also means living up to the beauty standard that advertisers set in place. Being beautiful is, in American society, the most important role a woman should fulfill” (Chapman). The mass media is one of the most powerful ways to spread messages to the youth. One of the most powerful archetypes propagated by the mass media is society’s ideal of beauty. The media perpetuates images and easily set the cultural standard for appearance in society. The media negatively impacts young women because society has constructed an ideal body image that presents itself difficult for women to conform to. Women rely on external forces to form an ideal body image and this negatively impacts young women because the unrealistically flawless women portrayed in the media engender feelings of inadequacy, which can affect behavior and feelings of security and happiness. Living in a media obsessed world that idealizes the thin and shames the average body size has led to the rise of the unsatisfied woman. Throughout history, being overweight was admired while being underweight was frowned upon. Corpulence was celebrated and considered “prestigious and admired” (Cassell xiii). Presently, as the United States shifts to a culture of overindulgence, the rates of obesity are rising and being stigmatized. In our society, which focuses on external beauty, corpulence is looked down upon while thinness is idolized

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