The Impact Of The Tourism Perceptions Of Tourism

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Tourism continues to be the driving force in the Caribbean economies. In recent years tourism has become the singles most important source of revenue for the region, generating in 1998 us$14.8 billion for some 35 million people (Travel Industry World Yearbook 1998-99).
Tourist perception is the ideas of a tourist prior to actual visit. The impact of tourist perception, destination image, satisfaction and loyalty is very important to determine the destination image while taking decisions for strategic marketing of tourism destinations. Because it is assumed that it will result in a positive image of a destination, loyalty to tourist destinations and satisfaction felt by tourists, such as variables the loyalty is a concept closely related to tourists’ satisfaction and as a result even with the ideas there is a high degree of satisfaction with loyal tourists. Therefore it is very important to create a positive image one that is free from crime and violence in order for tourist to establish a positive perception towards the tourist destination even before the actually visited the country.( Suzan Coban, 2012).
Overview or Background
This paper investigates tourist perceptions of crime and violence whilst visiting Jamaica. This research is being done to find out what is in the mind of tourists/visitors and if they are afraid or scared of visiting Jamaica based on the major increase of crime and violence. (Boxhill, 1995) argues that since tourism is the second largest

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