The Impact Of Thomas Paine's Common Sense

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Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, England in 1737. He was a very influential figure during the years leading up to the American Revolution, as well as during the Revolution. He published his best-selling pamphlet Common Sense in 1776; Common Sense had a very large impact on the revolution because it brought up many issues facing the colonists at the time. He talked about the tyranny of the king and why Americans should be for independence. Common sense even helped many who were on the fence regarding independence choose to help and support the many who wanted to fight for American independence. Thomas Paine was truly an extraordinary man who did a lot to ensure Americas success. Common Sense brings up the design of government in general, monarchy, as well as the state of affairs in America bringing many ideas into question. I hope to shed some light onto what Paine’s ideas were and what his intentions were when he wrote Common Sense.
Paine starts off his pamphlet by talking about Americas relationship with Britain. He talks about how Britain is “protecting” America from other super powers like Spain and France but says that if we weren’t a British colony we wouldn’t
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He has already shown his distaste of having a monarch who has all the powers of God and that it’s a sin against the true God for having someone this powerful. The religious arguments appealed to many people in this time of history because the majority of the population are religious and have a bible in their home even if they cannot read it themselves. He brings up that religion and politics need to be separated so we don’t have a tyrant who thinks of himself as God. Anyone with this much power will be seduced by it and begin to think that they are untouchable and maybe even a God themselves. Paine is clearly upset about this mix between religion and politics and brings in very compelling arguments against this
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