The Impact Of Tourism In Thailand

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Thailand is a famous tourism destination for travelers. There is a very fast growth in Thailand’s tourism. The number of international tourist arrivals in Thailand increased in last five years. In 2009, the total number of international tourist arrivals was nearly 14.2 million, while it was close to 16 million in year 2010. The number of international tourist arrival in Thailand still increased in 2011, 2012 and 2013 as following; 19.2 million, 22.4 million, and 26.5 million (Department of Tourism, 2014). Tourism generates large amount of revenue to the country; therefore, tourism is importance economic contributor in Thailand, which creates many jobs.
However, the fast growth of tourism industry has not only brought positive development, also brought negative impact to the country such as environmental pollution, changing in culture and traditions of local communities, and also drug and prostitutions problems. The concept of sustainable tourism was declared as a global strategy for supporting sustainable development since many international organizations are aware of negative impacts of mass tourism. Therefore, Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT pays more attention to sustainable tourism development by educating different stakeholders in tourism industry about sustainable tourism development. Sustainable tourism development focuses on the benefits and conservation to local communities.

Community Based Tourism
Community Based Tourism or CBT is one of the sustainable
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