The Impact Of Turkish TV Dramas On Society

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Study (Aftab Butt, 2001) explained Turkish TV dramas have influenced our culture and society. Our culture has starting accepting the norms and values of the Turkish culture. Ali (2001) explained his idea that Turkish TV dramas have affected different aspects of our society.
Tariq (2005) explained that Turkish dramas are affecting our culture and society. Saleem, Nosheena (2012) researched on “Cultural imperialism .A case study of the impact of Dish Antenna on Pakistani society”. She conducted the survey research. In her research she found that “most of the people like to watch Dish Antenna and they are the regular viewers.” It is concluded the mostly women are attracting towards dresses, hairstyle of actresses. Zia (2009) has explained that Turkish TV dramas have influenced our culture in different aspects i.e. Religious Values, Clothing, Music and Entertainment, Language , Relationships, Branding and Food chains culture and Individuality
Majeed (2005) studied the influence of Turkish Dramas on the clothing within Pakistan. He concluded that, fashions become popular whatever TV dramas show. Our society is highly influenced by the Turkish clothing. Saleem (2010) assessed the influence of Turkish drams on the dresses of our culture and he shared his views that our dresses are among highly influenced entities of culture being affected by the Turkish dramas.
Wimmer D. Roger (2012) explained that there is strong influence of food chains and branding concepts in Pakistan’s

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