The Effects Of Violent Video Games on Crime

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Video Games and Crime

Do violent video games make people want to hurt other people in real life? Are they making kids commit crimes? Do they put children in danger? Video games can be violent but, they do sometimes make people want to hurt other people also for a lot of people they play these video games because they just like to play the game and have fun. Video games potentially can make people want to hurt others but most around 90% of people play video games just to have fun. A lot of people believe violent video games make people harm each other because they want to do what they do in their video games in real life and a lot of the time that is cause harm to others but, video games are not meant for people to go and hurt people in real
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When people are playing video games it can make them feel angry if they lose or if they get annoyed and it can sometimes make them act violent. People that play violent video games do get aggressive but not to where there going to hurt somebody and put them in pain unless they are crazy and wanted to hurt people and then the video games could of made them tick and then do something bad but most of the time the people that commit awful crimes are crazy people intentionally trying to hurt as many people as they can. If we make video games a little less violent it may make people less aggressive but there will still be people committing terrible crimes of they play video games or not.

People may try to cause harm to people like they could do in their video games but are the video games really the thing making people act out and hurt others, it’s just what that person is thinking and when someone goes crazy they do terrible things. Some video games are pretty violent and make some people aggressive but they are not the main factor for someone to go and commit a crime. People do terrible things but it isn’t always because they have played a violent video
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