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Pollution is the presence of a substances that contains of harmful or poisonous that will effect on the environment and it also effect to us even the pollution comes in variety of different ways. Environmental pollution can be defined as any desirable change in physical,chemical or biological characteristics of any component of the environment such as air , water and soil which can cause harmful effects on various forms of life or in property. The pollution can be categories in three main pollution which are air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution. These pollution may cause many dangerous to human beings and other living things likes plants and animals.

In this article, I would likes to discuss about the water pollution
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As the population on the Earth is continues growth by the year and this give a high pressure to the planet’s of water resources. In a sense, our oceans, rivers, and other inland waters are being squeezed by human activities. They are not taking up the part of water but they cause the quality of water becomes poor. Poorer of water quality means the water pollution.

The water pollution in environment can be occurs in different ways. There are two main type of sources water pollution which are point source and non-point source. A point source is the release of pollutant comes from a single source or specific source and also identifiable of site. For example,a waste disposal pipe or a chimney that blow over by a factory. This industrial wastes are commonly discharged to rivers and the coastal area in this way. Sewage or waste water also the serious water incident in Malaysia. Many Malaysian rivers are continue to suffer from sewage
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Many of these rivers suffer from high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). Sewage has been identified as the major source of these problems. The origins of the polluting sewage include sewage treatment plants, discharge of raw sewage from squatters, sullage of households, wet markets and eateries. In 2013, Malaysia was reported to have more than 1.2 million sewage treatment systems. These sewage treatment systems formed about 86 percent of some 1.48 million water pollution sources identified throughout the Peninsular Malaysia. This report have been shown in Regulating Sewage Pollution of Malaysian Rivers and its Challenges by Mariani Ariffin and Siti Norhafizah M. Sulaiman from Faculty of Environmental Studies, Universiti Putra

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