The Impact Of Women's Suffrage

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The Women’s Suffrage Movement is one of the biggest impacts on the women in different countries around the world because it allowed women to have the right to vote, have equal rights, privileges of success, and shape the perspective of how women are seen today; but what is the Women’s Suffrage Movement?

The Women’s Suffrage Movement was the movement that grasped the attention of citizens in different countries all over the world, especially women. This was a movement that consisted of upset women who were anxious to fight for the right to vote and/or run for office. This developed from the Women’s Rights Movement for overall civil rights for women around the world. What started these events was the fact that women didn’t have the right to vote like men did. They really weren’t allowed to do anything that consisted of voting and having rights. Only men were eligible for these privileges. As a result, both Britain and the United States were 2 of the countries that first formed organizations to fight for suffrage in 1888. The organization was called the International Council of Women. The International Council of Women was an organization founded by Susan B. Anthony, May Wright Sewell, and Frances Willard to cooperate with other groups and agencies, such as the League of Nations, to advertise and expand health, peace, equality and education around the world. They held their first convention March 25th through April 1st in Washington D.C. The convention involved Ireland,
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