The Impacts Of Child Abduction

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The Impacts of Child Abduction Introduction Child abduction is a burning issue all over the world. It is a complex crime that can spoil a child’s future. Child abductors often kidnap children from legally appointed guardians or natural parents to get personal benefit. Also, some criminals abduct children to engage them in illegal activities. Child abduction can do serious moral, physical and psychological damage to a child. Also, the victim’s family may suffer from severe stress and depression. Most of the countries have strict laws against these crimes. However, parents and local guardians should take decisive actions to avoid child abduction (Alexander and Klein). The following paper analyzes the impacts of child abduction. Also, it provides solutions that can help parents and guardians to protect their children. Impacts on the Victims Children often become victims of physical violence, which can affect their moral, physical and psychological well-being. Child abduction is one of the major crimes and acts of violence. It can have a damaging impact on victims. Also, it causes emotional or psychological stress to the victim’s family. The trauma experts, David Alexander and Susan Klein consider that child abduction causes cognitive, emotional and behavioral disorders. Victims often experiences fear, shock, numbness, and anxiety. Sometimes, an abducted child loses hope for life. In such situations, a hostage may lose his or her memory and concentration (Alexander and Klein).
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