The Impacts Of Disney In Disney

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“Mickey Mouse is the most popular cartoon character in the world.” If it were not for transnational companies, this phrase must not be existent. Disney is one of the biggest transnational companies. Now that most people in the world know about Disney whether that is much or less. From my point of view, the way how to promote and sell their products has been changing and it is different from at the beginning when they have gotten started to extend their business to the world. Also, the situations and needs of audience have been changing. The Snow White, the first full-length animated film in the world, was imported to Japan in 1950. The film was translated into Japanese, and it was distributed. At that time, the film showed Disney’s skills for making animations and American cultures to Japanese audiences. There actually is some different descriptions and translations, but it is just because they should adjust the words for the melody of the songs. The film has been regarded, and accepted as “a foreign film, culture, and skill.” Even though it was all new to the audience in Japan at the time, the main message of the film, “be innocent, be kind, true love save your life,” has touched Japanese audiences’ hearts. That is why the Snow White is still popular in Japan, though it has been over 50 years past. On the other hand, the latest film made by Disney, Zootopia, is a comedy, adventure, fantasy story: “In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical
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