The Impacts Of Environmental, Culture, And Technology

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Environmental, Culture, and Technology
Technology is something that always been around and it continues to develop to make life as we know it a little bit easier. Though technology is far more advanced than it ever has been, it has always been in play. What we consider simple or obsolete now was once upon a time the greatest technological advance that man has ever seen. Yet, technology may not always be the most appropriate answer for whatever concern is being presented to the world. The technology that we have today also causes major environmental problems. This is also something that is not new to man. Whatever changes that man makes to technology, has a direct correlation to an environment effect. One example is the destruction of Aldous Huxley’s homeland in England. On page 521, Reilly says that the formerly luscious valley is now overrun with weeds and other forms of brush. He stated that the farmers introduced a disease known as myxomatosis and this single handedly wiped out the entire rabbit population. The rabbits were no longer there to eat the vegetation and keep the brush down (Reilly, 2013, p. 521). This is obviously something that the natives did not take into account. They thought the rabbits were overrunning their land when in actuality they needed the rabbits to being doing exactly what they were doing. Man seems to not always think about every possibility that could happen. They try to fix one problem not realizing the answer to that problem
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