The Impacts Of Oral Communication: The Importance Of Oral Communication

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The impact of oral communication
“Why is oral communication important?” there are many people, who don’t take oral communication seriously. Are they right? Are people able to deliver speeches without practicing, not even once? I don’t think so. Today’s society depends on oral communication. Communication skills are very important for future plans. People who have good communication skills tend to have a better life. Communication helps people understand more about you; because of the way you talk or express your feelings, thoughts or opinions. Oral communication has a great impact in our life. It helps improve our communication skills and there are many people, especially students, who need it for their future career. According to Morreale, the number of students who take oral communication skills is only increasing. Some take it because they need to improve their skills and some others take it because such course is required (Morreale,2). With all these in mind, I will be demonstrate the importance of oral communication course at school and work, as well as the benefits of such course and the reasons why students should take it.
To begin with, let’s first consider the importance of oral communication course. There are many students, who lack at communication skills (Morreale et al. intro.). They are likely to fail assignments, which are required to finish. Some others are not able to articulate clearly the information they have, and due to this they are often misjudged
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