Summary: The Impact Of Stress On College Students

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The impact of stress on academic success in the college students.

Today, the pressure is a huge problem in the crowd, Especially in college students, but many college students don’t know how to control their stress. They also don’t know how the stress is generated. Every year, many college students can 't control their own stress to commit suicide. ( Francesca Di Meglio, 2012,para.4)But Some college students have been successful in relieving stress, let stress become a power. There are two parts of stress, good and bad. If people can reasonably use the stress from all aspects, stress will be a good thing. Appropriate stress will encourage people to become better, and people will be full of energy. When college students enter college, they
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(Alan Reifman Ph.D,2011) so, the stress will be very normal. College students’ stress has become the focus of attention of the university. Some students cannot bear themselves psychological stress, students psychological will collapse. Stress can make people angry, sad. But a lot of students can 't find that these problems are caused by stress. So, Many university has mental health clinic. According to the survey, fifteen percent of the students are clearly told that their stress is too large. (Gregg Henriques Ph.D.2014) This can lead to a series of problems, insomnia, alcoholism. The most frightening is -commit Suicide. In the United States, 9.4% of the students have considered suicide or attempted suicide, The suicide rate among teenagers in the United States is three times in the 1950s. (Gregg Henriques Ph.D.2014)When college students are unable to control the pressure, suicide will be their only choice. Stress caused by suicide is the second leading cause of death between 15 and 24 years of age. And the first reason is the stress caused by the depression. Therefore, the psychological stress of college students has become the whole society that can not be ignored question. People pay more and more attention to the psychology of college…show more content…
Psychological confusion is inevitable, if students can conquer the psychological stress, then the students can conquer the loneliness, lonesome, it can concentrate on their studies, and then they will succeed. People found that stress can accelerate the epinephrine. Epinephrine can help people to pay attention , people’s thinking will more rapidly.(American psychological association,2015) stress also can motivate people’s potency, people will found that their work efficiency is several times more than before. If people cannot feel stress, they don’t have enough impetus. So, stress can help student to produce active emotion, student benefit from stress,it can help them better thinking and studying. If people like a spring, appropriate stress will make the spring to bounce higher, but oversize stress will make the spring to fracture. So, it’s important to find a suitable
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