Disadvantages Of The Aviation Industry

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The aviation industry has tranformed the planet and played a big difference in the people lives. . Since the first flight of the ‘Kity Hawk’ in 1903, the world has chnaged and it has been playing a big part in boosting countries economies. This report will explain that there is many ways affect people lives , this report will also discuss how aviaton solved problems of the world and also its advantages and disadvantages and without aviation we wnt be able to do things which we are doing now.
In the 20th Century , mostly people could only afford short journey ;only the rich people can afford to go on aeroplanes.the advent of commercial aviation has opened the doors for the less privileged as well, and now a larger number of people can travel
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The company has invsted in the aircraft that are able to reduce greengas emissions by 27%.The company consulted with boening who helped them design more efficent aircraft.The comany sets their goals to reduce emissions b 30% by 2020.They made that aircraft from composite material which is very lighter then other aircrft material due to this the engine makes very less noise and is more efficient.The company also workinng to reduce the airfares and also making nice cabins so passengers have comfortable

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