The Impacts Of The Harlem Renaissance

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Throughout history, writers have been religiously recording the important events and emotions humanity has felt during the cheerful and depressing time. Authors, poets, and musicians have a special ability to get in touch with people’s emotions, but the artists of the Harlem Renaissance were exceptional at conveying their point of view to others. Many life changing events happened during the Harlem Renaissance, as well as the Roaring ‘20s. Of all of the writing periods the Harlem Renaissance preserved history through the diverse forms of art and writing that was produced during that time.
During the Roaring ‘20s, new ideas, thoughts and dreams started to sprout. Music started to evolve and literature captured the changes in society. This change in literature is known as the Harlem Renaissance. African Americans started what was called The Great Migration, and moved from the South to the
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They are passed down, interpreted different ways by each person that hears them, and can change the entire course of someone’s life. Music can have the same the same impact. In the 1920’s, Jazz and the blues became increasingly popular because of the freeing feeling young people got from listening and dancing to it. The new sound was shunned by the older generation because of the ““vulgarity” and “depravity” (and the “moral disasters” it supposedly inspired), but many in the younger generation loved the freedom they felt on the dance floor.” ( Staff) This type of music has lasted through almost a hundred years now, and still brings people the same freeing feeling it did when it was first discovered. Jazz is a type of music that is improvised. Each instrument in the band will get a mini solo that they improv to show off their skills. The swinging rhythms and varying tempos tell the story of the composer. Music from the Harlem Renaissance tells the stories of those who lived through it, and continues to inspire people

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