The Global Impact Of Urbanization In The 19th Century

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Since the dawn of mankind we have strived and grown in only one direction constantly trying and achieving greatness in every era of time. With the global population reaching 7.2 billion in 2016 the people of earth are doing everything in their power to provide for themselves and their families. The earth is 75% water and a small percentage of land still unexplored we are running out of places to settle our humble abodes. Development in the past century has come quite close to finding solutions for this problem towns with cottages are being turned into cities full of high and mighty skyscrapers and village evolving into towns with advanced technologies this is what we call modernization is more commonly known as urbanization.
Global perspective
Though sorts of urbanization existed during roman times, the urbanization that I’ll be discussing is the one which started after the industrial revolution of 1760-1840 and the global impacts of urbanization on the environment. Soon after the
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Increased opportunities for employment, along with technological advancement in various fields of science, encouraged migration to cities. Development of faster modes of transportation in the 19th century enabled people to expand their businesses. People no longer had to live within close quarters of their jobs. Easier modes of transportations meant that people could live in a neighborhood where people of similar class lived. The owners of businesses’ did not need to live near their businesses so they built their homes far away from the factories and warehouses offices shops and supermarkets made up most of the city Centre... Railroad high-value docking harbor helped bring raw materials in and ship out finished goods. Advanced transportation allowed goods to be transferred to every district of the city to keep it running like a well-oiled

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