The Imperial March Song Analysis

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The movie scene belongs to the return of the Jedi opening scene. The return of the Jedi was launched in May 25, 1983 and directed by Richard Marquand. The imperial March song was written by John Williams and was made for the empire Strikes Back in May 21, 1980 and has been used in other movies to represent the entrance of Darth Vader.

The movie was made some years ago, but it still plays an important role in today 's kids life as the saga has continued. Parents who were kids when this movie came out show this movie to their kids which created bonds with the movie and the families. The movie has created emotional bonds with the movie making it more special which shows how the musical language can create emotional bonds with the compositions.

As the musical language is strong it can communicate how we need to feel instead of instead of saying how we need to feel “feel anxious”. Most of the audience in movies felt more connected with the music than the movie itself. The imperial March is a historic and important piece as it has been in lots of the Star Wars and has represented to all the fans a significant character in the movie.

Music is an important part of our life as it can make us feel different happy, sad,anxious, etc. Everyone has song marked on his life and every time they listen to it the song makes us feel all those emotions again. The representation of a villain on this composition makes us get scared and anxious when it 's played.

The imperial march

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