The Imperius Curse Essay

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A similar situation to the use of Polyjuice Potion in the Ministry occurs when Harry uses another Unforgivable Curse in response to a situation that was in danger of turning sour. When the trio is attempting to break into Gringott, they attempt to impersonate Bellatrix and enter into the vault without disturbing anyone. However, that quickly goes south as the goblins and Death Eaters begin to uncover the truth. So, under the advice from Griphook, Harry places the goblin behind the counter under the Imperius Curse: “Harry raised the hawthorn wand beneath the cloak, pointed at the old goblin, and whispered, for the first time in his life, ‘Imperio!” (Deathly Hallows 531). Harry’s choice to use the Imperius Curse comes from a necessary need to…show more content…
When Harry and his friends discuss the implications of their actions with the Potion, they talk through the potential issues and make quick decisions about helping others. This aspect of making decisions, and making hard decisions with the right intentions allows for children to connect to Harry. They see how he makes his choices, and can emulate those decisions. As Emily Griesinger explains: “We identify with Harry not because he is a wizard but because in the war between good and evil he makes the right choices. Magical powers are important, but so is moral character […] the more powerful the evil, the more Harry as to grow in his ability to make wise choices and overcome evil with good” (464-465). As the war continues, and the stakes are heightened, Harry has to make difficult choices and ultimately, he makes the ultimate sacrifice of offering himself up to save everyone – just as Christ made the sacrifice to die for the sins of the world. All of his choices – including the use of magic – lead Harry to this one moment where he has to make a decision and he makes a choice that is the most representative of the
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