The Implications Of Genetic Engineering: The Ethics Of Genetic Engineering

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According to Wikipedia, Transgenic organisms can be defined as, “an organism that has been genetically altered by adding genes into, and out of, the organism to achieve the desired outcome, this process is called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is made possible through certain techniques within biotechnology and bioengineering”. More and more organisms, including plants and animals, are being modified today. These processes are justified based on their supposed “endless benefits”, but at what cost? This leaves us with concerns about whether these processes are ethically correct and whether it is appropriate to use these organisms as a means of producing things such as pharmaceuticals.
Through editing an organism’s DNA that organism can adapt a new trait. By changing the genotype of the organism, the physical outward appearance —or its phenotype—can also be altered. Under the correct circumstances, a new gene can be added into the DNA of a cell; this gene will be transcribed and translated into an amino acid string. Scientists use this type of technology to produce things like antibodies, insulin and
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Genetic engineering violates these animal rights. They manipulate these animals and make them into what the humans want or need without thinking about the animal or how it would affect them. The animals that are part of these types of procedures and experiments are treated like property and not actual living beings. There are some possible benefits of genetic engineering for the modified organism, for example, it could improve the animals’ resistance to disease but there are also many negatives. These negative effects could potentially be extremely painful and traumatic for the animal. It is believed that genetic engineering also cause infertility in the organisms. And the procedures are still very much experimental and very

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