The Implications Of Mass Media

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Jacques Ellul a French Sociologist once said "It is the emergence of mass media which makes possible the use of propaganda techniques on a societal scale." The presence of Mass media has been rapidly growing since the advent of its first medium, the radio in 1920s and later the television in 1950s ("Advertisement" ,2010). Today mass media has gained global popularity and is heavily relied on to stay informed on current events Through the web. While seemingly beneficial in keeping the public educated there is a major issue resulting from this dependency. With this reliance mass media could reinforce false images leading us to act off false information which could result in the public being effectively brainwashed. their also seems to be a larger focus on eyewitness news and professions such as journalism have grown as well despite the fact they as pointed out by Arthur Schlesinger "is more vulnerable to interest, bias, illusion, and wishful thinking"(27). The severity of this is seen by analyzing further complications from varying angles. It is evident that mass media is giving the public a false perception of certain religious or ethnic groups, politics, and health. Upon analyzing these complications, a solution could then be accordingly implemented. From a social standpoint Mass Media has altered the way we perceive certain religious and ethnic groups which is creating conflict in society. It is worth mentioning how Muslim women are being depicted as damsels in
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