The Implicit Association Test (IAT)

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The implicit association test (IAT) is a test that is designed to detect the strength of one's automatic association between concepts. I chose to take the weight test. fat versus thin. in the description of this test it says that it requires the ability to distinguish faces of people who are obese and people who are thin and it often reveals an automatic preference for thin people relative to fat people. In the beginning of the test you are shown all of the words and pictures that will be used, and a list of good words and one of bad words and also silhouettes of fat people and silhouettes of skinny people. The first step it tells you to do is to put a finger on the “E” key for items that belong to the thin people category, and to put a right hand finger on the “I” key for those that belong to the fat people category. Making an error will cause a red X to appear on the screen. in the directions you are instructed to go as fast as you can while being accurate. In the second round of the test the categories change, the “E” key is now for bad words and the “I” key is now for good words.…show more content…
one last time the categorizations change putting fat with bad and thin with good. The weight test asked me questions like "How much control do you have over your weight?" And "How important is your weight to your sense of Who You Are?" And it would have a list of answers to choose from ranging from not at all likely to somewhat to extremely
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