The Importance And Aspects Of Communication And Communication Patterns

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Communicating is essential to humanity, but most important for a relationship to be able to succeed there must be communication. There are two kinds of communication: verbally and nonverbally and both are very important (Seccombe, 2015). Furthermore, nonverbal communication can be as simple as a gesture or a pose, and verbal communication is any words that it’s said to send a message (Seccombe, 2015). Communicating is like starting a transaction, where there is a constant sending and receiving of some kind of information; communication can be active and also can vary within cultures, race, ethnicity and sex (Seccombe, 2015). A very important factor on how people acquire an interpretation or meaning of the message is the family of orientation of each individual (Seccombe, 2015). After taking the assessment “How do you communicate?” in page 163 from the book Exploring Marriage and Families, I scored 20 points out of the 32 possible points (Seccombe, 2015). This assessment is supposed to help me evaluate my current relationship communication patterns; which after taking the assessment I collected we needed to work on our communication styles (Seccombe, 2015). The assessment provides us with an answer key and if the answer you provided match those you get two points, if not you get zero and if is an S which it stands for sometimes you only get 1 point (Seccombe, 2015). I know I need to work on my communication. For example, the way I hear the message sometimes isn’t the right
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