The Importance And Cons Of Computer Science

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1. Computer science permits novelty, financial development also stays an integral element of culture. It forms by what means people interact with each other and the world around them, and it influences occupations, fitness repair, national resistance and liveliness, among other fields. 2. The Agency of Employment Data projects that by the year 2020; present resolve be 4.2 million professions in computing and information technology in the U.S., placing these fields in the midst of the fastest increasing occupational fields. 3. Revealing students to computer science education in grades K-12 gives them acute rational skills necessary for their accomplishment in the 21st century and for firming up the labor force. 4. Computer science courses in K-12 education are disappearing from the nationwide scenery at the actual instant they are wanted most. Agreeing to the College Board, in 2011, an entire of 3.4 million AP exams were given. Just fewer than 1 million of those were in the sciences. Around 20,000 of persons existed in Computer Science, accounting for 2% of the science exams and 1% of all AP exams. Preliminary secondary school computer science courses have declined in number by 17 percent from 2005. 5.…show more content…
In 2011, 19 percent of Advanced Placement (AP) computer science test takers were women, equal however females represented 56 percent of all AP test takers. In 2011, only 25 percent of computer geniuses were female and only 3 percent were feminine and African American. Computer science education has been encumbered by confusion with technology education and the use of technology in education, which are associated but different ideas. The Association for Computing Machinery and the Computer Science Teachers Association have well-known a clear four-part, grade-appropriate framework of standards for K-12 computer science education to guide state reform
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