The Importance Of Chemistry

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Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the composition, structure and changes in matter. You are a product of chemistry, apparently, everything is! From the tiniest grain of sand to the heavenly bodies in the universe, the stars, the planets, they are products of chemistry, can you even envision a world without chemistry? Of course, you can’t, your mind is a product of chemistry too! It is also used in daily human activities, such as cooking.
But even though I have stated some its uses, it still leaves a question, what is the importance of chemistry? To answer that question, we need to widen our perspectives. Chemistry has a notoriety for being a convoluted and exhausting subject/science, however, the notoriety is undeserved. Beautiful
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Everyone can and should understand the basics of chemistry. It is essential to understand chemistry if one is studying other sciences – such as physics, which I’ve said a while ago, - because all of the things in this universe, may it be outside the cosmic web, involve matter and the interactions between them. It offers a lot of career jobs, those who want to become doctors, nurses, physicists and (obviously) chemists, should study chemistry. A career that involves chemistry is undoubtedly high paying, statistics will tell you.
I find stoichiometry as a moderate-hard subject matter for me, the reason that I chose it is because I want to improve in chemistry. For me, this is another starting point, it requires you to memorize the atomic masses and such, it’s a practice to sharpen one’s memory.
To lessen my incapability, I have to kick it up a notch, double the effort in everything. First thing to maximize is my studying hours. I have realized that when you are bad at something, it only takes willingness and passion for you to excel in it. Second thing is my attitude towards the subject, another thing that I realized, you can never hate anything, really. For me, hate is an imagination, it’s the absence of love, so if I dislike chemistry, might as well change my thoughts about it and look at the bigger picture, it can open up many opportunities for me in the future. I will learn to love what I don’t want to
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