The Importance Of 21st Century Globalization

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Common to the discourse surrounding "21st century globalisation" is the idea of communication without borders, and precisely the expansion of the internet, which many consider the primary driver of contemporary globalization. Additionally, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become canals for both mainstream news and citizen journalism, as well as instruments for activism (as seen during the Arab Spring or Turkey’s Gezi Park protests) and facilitating civil society around the world.
The importance of social media is most apparent when authoritarian governments try to limit access to the internet and social media (for example, Facebook in China or in Arab countries) or in the awarding of internationally important prizes, such as the European Parliament’s giving imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi this year’s Sakharov honor for his free speech efforts.
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Economic growth of past "third world countries" and global shift of power from Europe and America to China and other BRICK states is another important game - changing situation which differs globalization in 20th from the one in 21st century. Key global institutions (UN, IMF, G8 summit - becoming G20) all come from the West and it is not easy to give up control of these institutions easily, but the shift of power is already happening; for example China has extremely active diplomatic policy around the world and is increasing its influence which can also be noticed in Africa where China stepped in a hole that left after colonial forces left
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