The Importance Of A Career For My Life

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My life has been a paved into the road of helping others and that 's why I want to give my life to helping people. I 've always known that I wanted to have a career that dealt with helping others get through life easier and happier but I didn 't know what I wanted to do. In middle school I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help sick people get better plus another reason was that I was born with brachial plexopathy which is a nerve injury in my shoulder, arm and hand; I wanted to learn in depth about my injury when I was younger then I wanted to be a social worker in my freshman year of high school since they help assist families in there time of need but my mom told me that it wasn 't a good idea and now I want to study to be a psychologist. I believe I will change peoples live when I become a psychologist. I look up to my role model Doctor Phil whom is an amazing psychologist who has made many peoples lives easier and happier. In my eighteen years in girl scouts I have volunteered in many places like in an animal shelter where I helped the employees give the dogs baths, walk the dogs around the park, and clean their cages. Our troop went to the retirement home to give the elders a show for entertainment then we wrote them nice valentines cards to make sure they knew they were loved. We also bought groceries and cleaned this handicapped mans house because we knew he couldn 't do everyday things by himself so we helped him out the best we could and it felt

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