The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Health Care

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The current living pattern of human being requires the health care officers and individual to develop certain skills in regards of their working pattern to increase their service efficiency and help the patient to develop a communication link among them that would further help them to understand each other appropriately. Therefore, it can be said that a critical thinker is the one that are easy to conduct communication with patients and their family. Critical thinking process helps the healthcare individuals to focus on different issues from different perspectives and ways to understand the complete situation critically and highlight the techniques that would help the patient to cooperate with them in terms of receiving treatment. In other…show more content…
What happen to you usually when you start feeling irritated, sad, or negative? Is it because of your thoughts or any type of particular incident that swift your mood? Critical thinking, evaluating different perspective (Patel, Mansell, & Veale,…show more content…
Do you judge your progress or life on the opinion of other people? Have you ever tried to change the pattern you are doing your work on the basis of other’s opinion? Critical and self-perseverance thinking (Patel, Mansell, & Veale, 2014)
5. Do you have friends? Are you comfortable talking to people about your life, past, present? Do people question your decision in regards of different decisions you have taken? Critical information collection (Patel, Mansell, & Veale, 2014)
6. Is overthink your habit? Have you tried to control your mind to stop overthinking event back to back? Critical predicting and intuitiveness thinking (Patel, Mansell, & Veale, 2014)
7. Did you acted violent, harm people around your surroundings when feeling bad, or irritate? Did you ever face any legal issue because of your bad mood or sudden change in behavior? Critical intellectual integrity (Patel, Mansell, & Veale, 2014)
8. Did you feel the need to consult any medical specialist or psychiatrist to discuss your issue or sudden change of mood? Have you taken any prescription to deal with your behavior? Critical thinking skills, flexible and creative perspective (Patel, Mansell, & Veale, 2014)
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