The Importance Of A Foreign Language

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The English language has become the most wide spread language among all languages of the world. Considering this fact it is important to mention, that in our country there is paid great attention for the learning of foreign languages, especially English. After the release of presidential decree № 1875 on December 10, 2012 “On measures of developing foreign language learning” there has changed a lot in the methodology of teaching foreign languages. As it is mentioned in this decree, it is important to teach foreign languages using communicative methods, which enables teachers to discourage their students to become creative learners. In this article
Prewriting is that phase of the writing process when students think through an idea they want to write about. To improve their writing, students should think about their ideas, discuss them, and plan how they want readers to respond. It is important for students to take time before writing to plan ahead so that they can proceed from one phase of the writing process to another without spending unnecessary time making decisions that should have been made earlier. Prewriting is the most time-consuming phase of the writing process, but it may be the most important.
Although students may not take every piece they write through the entire writing process, prewriting is something they will do each time they begin a new piece of writing.
Deciding what to write about is probably the one thing students find most difficult about the writing

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