The Importance Of A Good Teacher Enjoys Teaching

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• A Good Teacher Enjoys Teaching. The single most important quality that every teacher should possess is a love and passion for teaching young people. Teachers who do not enjoy their job will find it nearly impossible to be effective day in and day out. Teaching can have a number of discouraging factors that make it a challenge. Yet, for someone who has the drive, passion, and enthusiasm for the job, you can get past these small hurdles. Besides, kids are smarter than we often give them credit for. They will have a better relationship and learn more efficiently from a teacher who enjoys what they do
• A Good Teacher is Accountable. Holding yourself to the same expectations and standards as you hold your students to is also important. Double standards and not taking responsibility for your actions do not build a good classroom environment. For example, if you do not allow your students to chew gum in your class, then you should not chew gum either. Accountability also stretches into your own learning experiences. Some of the most effective teachers are continually looking for new and more effective teaching strategies. This is important not only for your own professional career but it will benefit your students as well. Every year there is new research, technology, and educational tools available that can help make you a better teacher. It 's always a good idea to seek out professional development opportunities and try to apply something new to your class every year
• A Good
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