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A good education can change anyone, a good teacher can change everything. This quote connects to ‘The Metaphor” by Budge Wilson and The Ron Clark Story by Rain Haines, because most of the students'' in these stories got the privilege of a good education but it’s the teachers that really made a difference in their lives. Good teachers that have a variety of learning techniques, are going to have a better outcome in their classrooms, resulting in more successful, lifelong learners. Teachers that have the ability to adapt to the students learning skills can completely change their grades. The ones that care about the students education and potential in the future will be able to change the way a kid looks at school. Lastly a good teacher should…show more content…
A teacher that has these skills will most likely be highly successful at teaching and setting their kids on the right path for the rest of their lives.

Teachers that are willing to adapt to the student learning skills will be more successful at teaching their kids. In the short story “ The Metaphor “ Miss Hancock did not develop this skill when she became grade 10 teacher. She was very successful teaching grade 7’s but not as much for grade 10. She used the same techniques from grade 7 to teach grade 10’s so they did not work as well. An example of this was when she read the story ‘Ulysses’. After reading it Charlotte mentioned “ after that, it was difficult to hear her. Guffaws sprung up here and there throughout the room” (Wilson 229). This showed that the kids did not really care
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In the short story, Miss Hancock did care about her students, but she did not care as much as she needed to. In her grade 7 class she was a very good teacher because she taught well and she cared about her students education. In her grade 10 class, she would have been way better if she cared enough about their education, to change the way she was teaching and made it a better english class. The story stated that students called her “Bard”, “ poetic Bliss” and commented things like “Hancock! Whocock? Hancock! Hurray!" "Don't faint, classe, Don’t faint" (Wilson 229). If Miss Hancock was more caring towards her students she would have told them to be more respectful towards her and found better ways to teach them. However Mr Clark was the opposite of her, he showed so much care for his student that he became like a father figure to them. Mr. Clark showed a great amount of care towards his students. He wanted to see them be the best that they could. One of the ways he showed his carness was by meeting their parents at their house before he even started teaching them. He wanted to learn more about his students so he took the time to go to every kids house to meet with them. There were many other things that he did but this was one of the most recognizable ones. He was such a great teacher and he made sure all his students were doing the best they could do. A

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