The Importance Of A Mother's Influence On Children

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The proper development of a child is very crucial to shape the personality of who he/ she will be when they grow up. Parents play a very important role in this development of the child. It is their duty to provide the child a proper environment to grow and flourish in the right manner. Just how bricks are the fundamental blocks of a building, in the same manner the parents contribute in building the society. Due to her importance in the life of a child, the influence of a mother lasts for a lifetime. A mother teaches the child everything they know. It is her job to raise virtuous and sensible children so that they can contribute to a healthier and better community. (The parent is the child’s first teacher)
Influence of a mother; psychological perspective:
The love of a mother towards her child is beautiful because of many reasons. A mother starts loving her child before her child has even seen the lights of this world i.e. when the baby is in the womb. Let us go through some of the many aspects why a mother’s influence is greater on the child that that of the father.
1) Emotional Attachment: Any form of emotional attachment is first taught to the child by the mother. Obviously the mother does not have to literally teach the child what emotional attachment is, it comes naturally through her actions towards the child.
Achieving the right way of bonding with a child is very important as it contributes to the overall development of the child. Whatever emotion the mother
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