The Importance Of A Professional Engineer

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Today’s life we can’t imagine without mobile phones, internet, TV, heating, cars or any other technology advancement. All of these technologies have been made or are being maintained by engineers. The importance of an engineer in modern life is very important and no country will succeed without applying the practice of engineers. Nowadays there are six major branches of engineering: Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical, and there are hundreds of different subcategories of engineering under each branch. And of course, there are many acts and groups, institutes that manage, teach and help all of many groups of engineers. One of the documents is UK-SPEC which details the requirements for gaining chartered engineer status. That would guarantee that you are a professional engineer and gain the values of that. The road to being a professional engineer consists of many steps that include engineering and non-engineering activities.
The aim of this report is to:
1. Summarise the registration process of UK-SPEC;
2. Give examples of overall requirements of the 5 basic areas of competence;
3. Produce an assessment about my own performance for my further development.

UK-SPEC is distributed by the Engineering Council on behalf of the UK engineering profession. The standard has been produced and is frequently refreshed, by panels representing professional engineering institutions,
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