The Importance Of A Quinceañera

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Since the age ten I had waited eagerly for years for my quinceañera to come. A quinceañera, meaning fifteen years, is an event meant to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood, but when I was ten I was not thinking of the importance of a quinceañera. In my callow head it was just a grand party being held for me in which I would get tons of gifts and money. I knew what a quinceañera was, but I did not pay much attention to the meaning behind it. Little did I know I would have to stop playing with dolls sooner than later.
Five years later I had my quinceañera held on May 25th. That day I wore a beautiful sapphire colored ball gown. I had a ceremony held to reaffirm my baptismal vows, and then I was escorted to where the party was held.
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I was given my first pair of heels and then I joined my father as he asked me to dance with him. The dance is suppose to symbolize the recognition of the daughter now being a young lady. I could see my dad’s eyes beginning to shine as we danced, but I just looked at him and smiled. After the father-daughter dance came the “ύltima muñeca”, which means “last doll”. I had to dance with my “last doll”, which essentially represents me going from childhood to adulthood. I would laugh at the thought of having to dance with a doll while the guests watched, but it definitely was better than having to play with the doll. Afterwards, I tossed my doll to the younger girls; similar to the way brides toss their wedding bouquet. Before the day was over, my parents gave a short speech thanking everyone who had come out to celebrate with me and acknowledging the fact I was not a little girl anymore. I would have to be less dependent on my parents and learn to order meals at Burger King by myself. I had to grow from the shy girl I once was because it was my time to lead my own life. I could no longer depend on my parents to make decisions for me, nor did I want them to because I realized I have to take responsibility for myself. I know they will always be watching over me so I don’t make a mistake, but I intend to make them proud by learning and maturing more each day. Nevertheless, I thank my parents for everything
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